Thursday, 29 July 2010

Vivid dreams

I don't remember my dreams very often, in fact I don't often move much in my sleep at all. But I remember dreaming that His Royal Doggyness was about to knock over a glass of water in the lounge so I reached out to grab it and felt his wet mouth and teeth close around my hand.

I woke with a start, sat bolt upright and called out.

Hubby was equally freaked by the whole incident, not by my calling out - but by the fact that I'd gone to grab his throat - oops.

We're off camping again today - Northumberland. We've never been. Its not quite as hot as it was when we went to Wasdale, and it was more than just a little breezy when we put the tent up - quite a trying time when we'd spent a 5-hour journey to get here, but we're here now and have seen a fabulous sunset too.

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  1. You know the camping doesn't do it for me but Northumberland - well, it just looks and sounds my kind of place. Looking forward to catching up and you boring us silly with photos and tales! (I jest - can't wait to hear all about it!). XFB M