Friday, 2 July 2010

Observer day at Barefoot Coaching

I've been looking forward to today for ages. Today is my observer day at Barefoot Coaching. I get to go along to one of their workshops, sit back and observe the training. Its an excellent opportunity to see if they live up to their hype.

So my earlier than normal alarm goes off at 6am. It is of course light so that aids the getting up process.

I've planned what I am wearing. The dress code was whatever comfortable means to you. I've always found that I perform and interact better when I'm smart but I didn't want to be too business like. I've chosen a feminine brown/pink skirt. Not too casual, not too smart. With a simple camisole top and tie/bolero cardigan.

I am very nervous, but I think this is more about doing the busy drive along the A50. I set off at 7am, having asked the universe for an uneventful, but timely journey. I need to be there by 9am but have never done the journey at rush hour before. My worst fear would be to arrive late.

My journey is indeed uneventful. Within an hour I've reached the services on the A50 and am nearly there. So I make use of the facilities then move on to a lay-by close to the venue so that I cam compose myself and I am still 25 minutes early, but at least other people are beginning to arrive. Thank you universe.

Barefoot coaching is everything I imagined and more. I knew the other delegates would be friendly and people focussed but I wasn't quite prepared for exactly how touchy-feely they were.

Barefoot's approach to business works. The whole idea of letting someone sample a days training just smacks of having absolute confidence in their own product. It certainly worked for me. I also got a chance to try a sample of their coaching tools too.

I've come away with a very strong feeling that this is the course that I want to do. Its a combination of what they've shown me today in a very honest open (one of my values) way and the fact that I am still struggling to understand how the relationship between New-U coaching and the ICF accreditation works. The costs involved are less than transparent.

We're off to the lakes tomorrow morning for a 3 day camping break at Church Stile Camp-site in Nether Wasdale. The weather report is good. We know the camp-site is great having been twice before - so there will be lots of walking and chilling involved. A good time to allow me to reflect on what I've seen - just as a backstop - lets face it I wouldn't want to make a hurried decision would I?

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