Monday, 26 July 2010

I'm scared

I'm still wrestling with my name. So much so its making me grumpy. Hubby says I should try and forget about it for a bit and it'll come to me.

Had lunch again with Best Friend. She's still smiling so, so am I. Half an hour for lunch goes so quickly. It seems as though we say "hi" and then "bye" and that's it. We definitely need to make more time. She told me about an old school friend whose done some free life coaching courses. I hope she's not going to set up in my home town. I already know one life coach in the town and am not sure there's enough clients for the two of us - let alone three.

Still, one of my core drivers is credibility. I've looked into the free courses available and I don't believe you get any credibility in relying solely on those.

But the whole concept is scaring me at the moment.

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