Friday, 9 July 2010

Over-coming setbacks

I delivered the letter to Best Friend's desk this morning before she started work. (Call me a coward but i prefer to think of it as I'm not putting any pressure on her to read it there and then!) - Honest!

She finished work about 6 hours ago and as of now I've not received a text or email or phone call or anything. It might be that this is just part of the course, alternatively it could be that she's taking her time to take it and and respond in the best way possible.

I'm probably being unfair. She is by nature a bright wonderful person and the Best Friend I've seen lately is depressed. the true Best Friend that I know and love will take a caring reaction to this.

I decided today to ring Barefoot and tell them I'd love a place on their course, but had a sudden feeling of doubt - so I checked the dates and 2 days fall into half term when my Boss is off. There's only 2 of us in our team so it makes it a bid tricky. Guess I will have to speak to my caring and supportive Grandad Boss and hope that he's still feeling generous.

Someone told me recently that setbacks are there to challenge us and to test our resolve. If you succeed in overcoming that setback then it proves that you wanted to do the thing badly enough in the first place.

I guess that applies to both situations - wish me luck!

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