Monday, 19 July 2010

Excuse me, that's me disappearing under all that paper!

Met an old colleague for lunch today. It was a sobering reminder that people at work are still very unsettled. She may actually have to be interviewed for her own role - ouch! I don't know how organisations like ours actually get away with it.

A colleague in our London office just handed his notice in too. He thinks that London will eventually close down. I guess that could be a self-fulfilling prophacy as more and more people jump ship.

We've also had an OD (Organisation Design) announcement today.  So all those people who didn't have jobs have now gone through the first stages of being placed in a job.  No one seems happy.  They've all been 'placed' so not everyone has been placed where they wanted to be, and we have hardly anyone else left in our team and no-one from the Manchester office - that means more work coming my way!! Heck!!


  1. I was thinking (no, really) - I don't think I know anyone who is happy in their job. The best anyone can say, in the current climate, is that they HAVE a job. And I think that mentality is certainly be taken advantage of by employers - big or small. They know they have us over a barrel. For the moment. I can see a day when the tables will turn, and knowledgeable experienced workers who have perhaps done more than even their employers to keep their own jobs and companies in existence will seek pastures new. It may be a while in coming, but it will come. What will also come is a magnificent tsunami of self-employed people fronting internet-driven owner-businesses, fed up with all of the above (and everything you mention in your blog) and able to offer specific skills, both niche and general, that will offer far more benefits (and personalised) than are available at present through faceless corporate behemoths. The day of the little person is at hand! And like the oil tanker and the speedboat, one will be more adept at responding to peoples' needs and requirements than the other. Now, where did I put that Jolly Roger?!!!!! FBX M

  2. OOoh, I like the comment from FBX M above! I'm off to dust my Jolly Roger and sign up to your band of merry pirates Cap'n!