Tuesday, 14 September 2010

......and before Monday was even over

As if the personnel woman wasn’t bad enough, Mentee emailed me again. She hadn’t managed to call me because she’d had to go into town with her Mum and return some Avon products.


The excuse seemed quite lame and doesn't take into account me having to continually rearrange my work calendar around her. She seems unaware that I might have a life, expecting me to be available on Saturdays too.

So I did what I always do and analysed the situation. When I'd finished I'd concluded that her Mum could be wheelchair bound, she supplements her benefits to help finances at home by selling Avon and I possibly haven't laid out the terms of the mentoring relationship very well.

I guess two of the three are probably spot on. I've sent a couple of mails/texts asking her to call me and explaining that I won't be in the office next week.


  1. boundary issues and clarity of expectation on both sides are the cornerstone to any type of one to one work. Take it from someone who has learnt the hard way!

  2. I learnt quickly that people's priorities vary so much and not to take excuses personally.
    I once had a student who couldnt attend work or interviews on Wednesdays because his nana liked him to go to the market with her.
    I found this unbelievable but he said his nana was more important to him than a full time job.

    I guess thats how it should be.