Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Looking Back - NLP preferred types

Another looking back post, following my journey to date, this follows on from last weeks post about getting a coaching sponsor.

Coach gave me an NLP exercise to do. A short personality questionnaire type of thing. I love doing stuff like that.

This is a link to a fun questionnaire

It told me I am Kinaesthetic. – Touchy Feely. To communicate I need to be much more hands on than some people.

The following are typical of a Kinaesthetic Preference
• speak slowly
• respond to physical rewards
• touch people to get their attention
• stand close when talking to someone
• are physically oriented and move a lot
• have early large-muscle development
• learn by manipulating and doing
• memorise by walking and seeing
• use a finger as a pointer when reading
• gesture a lot
• can't sit still for long periods of time
• can't remember geography unless they've actually been there
• use action words
• like plot-oriented books, reflect action with body movement as they read
• may have messy handwriting
• want to act things out
• like involved games

It appears that Boss is more Visual. I can recall him using the phrase “can’t you see why………”

This appears to be why we have little understanding for each other.

If you try the test, I’d love to know what you are.


  1. I'm an outstanding winner in the 'auditory digital' category! Not sure what that means, am off to google and find out. . .

  2. Auditory
    Auditory Digital

    hmmmm o__o; dunno. dunno. i think this test allows u too much choise in putting who u wnat to be, instead of who you are.