Thursday, 9 September 2010

Disappointed with my Mentee

Once again I feel a sense of disappointment with my Backing Young Britain Mentee. Mentee has once again failed to ring me when she said she would. I can't help myself thinking "youth of today" and shaking my head - and then realising how old that makes me.

My problem is finding the right approach. I don't want to take a heavy approach with her - she might back off and that would be it. But at the same time I want her to realise that what she's getting is a gift and one she at some point in her life might actually appreciate. I'm taking time out of my working day to help and support her. I still have to complete all my work tasks. So the very least she could do is keep her appointments or let me know if she can't - a courtesy.

I have sent her an email asking if everything is OK but I will need to take a tougher stance going forward.


  1. Seems some tough love is called for... young or old, busy or not, there's no excuse for impoliteness or a lack of common courtesy. I think it used to be called good manners. Good luck - but don't beat yourself up about it if it doesn't happen. Concentrate on all the positives that are happening right now and consign all the negatives to the bin marked 'MOVE ON'. FBX M

  2. Snowdrop.... sorry for just barging in, but can u give me the code for that inspirational quotes gadget? i've tried putting it on my blog, but i get a 403 error :/ so i was wondering if i could use ur code (maybe it'll work then).

    more on the issue, i'd discuss this with her and make a clear plan. she does this again, she's out for you. you are busy, she needs to respect your time. .__.;