Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Business Link

A rare treat today! I took a half day off working this morning. I generally prefer afternoons. I like that feeling of getting work over and done with early and not have it looming over me like an a swinging axe.

So I managed to get an extra Body Pump work out in and then went to meet Pete at Business Link. I found him a bit feeble, although he was enthusiastic, over enthusiastic. Its a shame really I've heard great things about Business Link but could be easily put off by the first meeting I had. The reception girl at my local council office just vaguely waved me in the direction of his office, the meeting lasted about 20 mins, but the advice sound:

"As soon as I have clients get some business insurance, business car insurance, record mileage and keep receipts". We also talked about their courses which was my main reason for going - so I will reserve judgement until then.

He offered 4 course dates. Two of them are during the days and I will find them difficult to attend. The other two are Monday and Wednesday evenings but are immediately following my 4-day weekends at Barefoot Coaching getting my training. I will be shattered. But its that or wait until December.

Decisions, decisions!

Today I also posted my balance cheque to Barefoot -so I am paid in full. Again I posted it with a little nervousness but no real doubts. Cara has sent me the joining pack through which covers all the course work and mentions a journal. I do keep one already, but I sense this one needs to be written with more feeling - as probably does my blog. Starting .................

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