Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Looking Back - Dealing with the sponsor

This is the next installment looking back over my journey to here. It follows on from the  looking-back-coach-transfer post.

My new coach suggested we did things properly. This meant having a sponsor. A sponser being Boss. The idea behind this was to make sure that both he and I bought into the same reasons for the coaching and could work towards the same goals.

I ummed, I arrred and I ummed again. Then I decided to bite the bullet. What had I really got to loose?

So at my next monthly appraisal I raised the topic. Boss didn’t really pretend to understand, but knows that as my manager he is expected to support my persona; development and I guess to some extent that he saw that whatever time I spent doing this was effort that he didn’t need to put in.

So coach, Boss and I sat down and talked about me. I was amazed how clued up Boss was. He’d made some observations about me that where quite startling. The phrase he used was Snowdrop sees herself as a square peg in a round hole.

He’d completely hit the nail on the head. I knew that’s how I saw me, but I couldn’t believe he could see it too. God! I must be transparent


  1. Square peg in a round hole? Sounds like you don't fit in! Didn't you find that remark offensive - I would have!

    I'm a round (too much ice-cream)peg, trying to find a hole that fits my shape!

  2. But its right. I am! I like noise and a buzz around the office. I prefer transacting with people than my computer.

    My colleagues, prefer their databases.

    But the point is he'd actually identified that that was how I was feeling - not what he thought. I didn't expect him to have that amount of insight.