Monday, 20 September 2010

TFI Friday

If Mondays are bad – are Fridays good?

I think I woke up panicking this morning. However things have started to come together. I’ve had an email from my B&B confirming that the change in dates to coincide with my new course dates are fine.

I then spend the whole morning pacing up and down. I HAVE to clear the dates with Boss. I’ve already sent him an email selling him the benefits. Its only really the Mondays that I am asking for. I have every other Friday off work and Boss respects that and my course falls on those weekends. So I’m only asking for three Mondays. He’s very good over my holidays and I am very demanding – they’re important to me. And in ten years he’s only refused me once (I think). So why is there a little voice in my head telling me to worry. (probably because this is so important as someone is offering me one hell of a deal on my training).

I know Boss isn’t coming into the office until 9.30 and then going straight into interviews. I’m off out at 12.00.

The waiting is killing me.

Finally at the eleventh hour – literally 11:59, I’ve got my shoes on and am stood by the front door, the phone rings. Boss does his normal umming and arring and then agrees. I like my Boss. I wouldn’t tell him, but right now I could hug him. He’s not really the hugging type.

So its all systems go. I’m soooo excited I want to tell the world about my good fortune. (I forgot sometimes that when I’m blogging – I AM telling the world – or at least those bits that want to listen.

We’re off up to the Lakes tomorrow for a week. I have to ring Mum to sort out arrangements for His Royal Doggyness as our last minute accommodation isn’t doggy friendly. Besides these days he struggles on our step into the garden let alone 3000ft hills. Mum and Dad seemed uninterested in my Coaching when I initially told them. They were too worried and focussed on the thought that I might give up my nice safe job at the bank. I mention that my course dates have changed. Largely because she worries about me and likes to know that I’m where I’m supposed to be. It’s a Mum thing. She goes onto to tell me that Dad suggested they give me £500 towards my course. WOW! I can’t go wrong at the moment.

So, Universe, I’m writing to thank you. I asked for £2,000 to pay for my course. You haven’t given it to me, however you have given me what I truly wanted. An opportunity to train on the course I wanted to do. I think I can manage the rest!

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