Thursday, 2 September 2010

Coaching High


Had a coaching session with one of my volunteer coachees today. I was able to go into the session, not worrying about whether or not I'd done enough prep. And the session was so much better because I allowed it to flow naturally.

I can't go into details because my coachee has a right to privacy, but I do know that they have taken some pretty big steps in facing the obstacles that are in the way of progress and will be able to continue to use what they have learnt in the future too.

This person's enthusiasm for what they are doing is amazing and it makes my job very easy. See, I can't simply accept that I might actually be a natural at this!

From my point of view, I know I push a little too hard at times, I need to take a step back and allow my coachees a little more time to identify their own solutions.

I guess the real buzz of it came when my coachee rang me back to say they'd actually done what they'd been putting off. I'd say that's a really big well done to both of us.


  1. You have the ability to provide the metaphorical kick up the jacksy!

  2. Most of us just need someone to point out what we already know, its the actual 'doing' bit that we avoid.
    I had a client who said all the right things and agreed with everything I suggested, but the following week always had an excuse. I felt unable to help her and knew there was something else going on that needed addressing first. Fortunately the others were very enthusiastic and motivated!

    Sounds like you are getting in there and doing a good job :)