Monday, 27 September 2010

Back from holiday but excited

What a fabulous and varied holiday! We have been held back a little from what we wanted to do by very strong winds and extremely heavy showers. The most memorable moments involved battling back from the Pooley Bridge Inn, in rain like I've never seen for many years, to sitting in the Mardale Inn at Bampton, tucking into great food and reliving the previous 9 1/2 hours and 12 1/2 miles. We'd taken the Riggendale route from Haweswater to High Street and 7 other tops along the way.

Tired but happy. My knee is troubling me - its not been this painful since I damaged the ligament 4-5 years ago - but it was still the highlight of the week.

Tomorrow we go home. As usual I am sad to leave but happy that we're coming back to His Royal Doggyness.

This time I'm even excited. We take a detour to Skipton to see The Experienced Coach. I'm nervous though too.

And on Sunday I'm meeting CR. She's a potential volunteer coachee. And on Friday my course starts.

Wow - what a week.


  1. good luck! hopefully you'll get an interesting coachee :3

  2. Lots of familiar places there. I never appreciated the beauty of my surroundings as a I grew up. Great that youre refreshed and ready for the 'new you'.