Friday, 17 September 2010

OMG - my course has been cancelled


I had an email from Barefoot Coaching tonight. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they've had to cancel my training course.

OMG! All that planning, all that saving.

Then I stop and read the email properly. Its beautifully written - typical of Kim Morgan. She's offering me choices - and has emailed rather than called to give me thinking time. When I read the options its a no-brainer.

My money back?

Wait for new unscheduled course dates?


Upgrade for free to the Post Graduate course. This is the course that I really wanted to do and ruled out because its double the price of the under graduate.


I'm not in work for a week, the course starts the week after and I have to rearrange all my holiday dates off work, my accommodation and it clashes with a concert that I'm going to.


Talk about the change curve, I definitely went into shock, in fact i travelled through the whole spectrum and once I'd managed to free myself from the ceiling on which I'd landed, I was able to email my B&B, email my Boss and figured that I'd be able to work something out around the concert.

Getting the upgrade is fantastic, I can't believe the opportunity - WOW!


  1. Another example of my over used comment of "everything happens for a reason"

    Funny how things fall into place unexpectedly.

    Last minute things are always the most exciting I think.

  2. Talk about every cloud having a silver lining !! Just a thought .... have you come across Women in Rural Enterprise ? If you are vaguely `rural` in your location (or maybe just `not city`) they might be of help when you start up your own business, both in terms of support and encouragement, and potential business contacts. Good luck !