Friday, 10 September 2010

Planning to meet my Experienced Coach

I can't remember whether I mentioned her, but I was approached a couple of months ago by a life coach who saw some similarities between my profile and her own.

I'm sure I did but can't find the post, so you'll have to trust me. But she contacted me and offered her help, experience and support. I was overwhelmed.

We have remained in touch over the last few weeks and now I'm ready to meet her metaphorically speaking, so i mailed her to check she was still OK with it. Experienced Coach mailed me back and suggested we meet face to face half way. That would only be about an hour/hour and half journey. Its exactly what I would have suggested, but I didn't want to impose.

Perhaps there again is another learning point.

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  1. What an exciting journey, it must seem like a roller coaster ride to you. Up here we say "shy bairns get nowt". Go ahead and be assertive.