Friday, 24 September 2010

Looking Back - Procrastination and headless chickens

When I look back over how I got here my coach used a number of techniques on me. Firstly there was the stuff about NLP preferences.

What’s the expression? Procrastination is the thief of time. I’d come to realise that I spend an awful lot of time worry about how to start a task and if I couldn’t work out the answer to that I’d check my emails or read the internet or fill out my time sheet.

If I didn’t know how to start the task and it was urgent then I’d just go into headless chicken mode. I’m surprised, looking back, that I didn’t start to grow feathers and lay eggs.

I’d start the task one way, panic I was doing it wrong, tackle it a different way, get different results, panic again, panic because I was panicking. In fact panic, panic, PANIC……

The calm of Coach won through. It was amazing. In a few simple steps she’d got me to realise that I wasn’t achieving anything in panicking and that I needed to adopt a few simple steps (largely list writing which I’m very good at) and approach tasks in a calmer and more logical manner.

It still happens to me, even now, but at least I recognise it as its happening and can take action.


  1. Dont you think that making a list is just another form of procrastination? I make loads of lists but hardly ever complete whats on them. I just love writing lists! LOL

  2. I get about 40 % of it done - that's better than zilch i think